Let’s go to the Belgian city Liège and discover the best of its food!

The best waffles

Locals will tell you – best waffles are at Pollux waffle shop, in the city centre. Whether they are plain, with cinnamon or with chocolate bars, these waffles are delicious!

The best chocolate

It’s Darcis’ one! The small boutique is located near Pollux waffle shop. The chocolate maker won several International prizes, and his Tonka bean chocolate won the Gold Medal. This one is part of my favorite ones. The box of 16 pieces costs 13.50€. Be careful, they got eaten very fast :)

The best meat

Not only Maison Leblanc offers a tasty meat, but it also shows a very fun concept: butcher’s shop during the day, restaurant at night. We enter through the renowned butcher’s shop, to reach the modern, warmful restaurant.
floux-liege-board-leblancThere has been 5 generations of butchers here, all the savoir-faire got shared from father to son. Today, the butcher introduces his pieces of meat with great passion. Now we want to taste everything, from the Premium American rib steak to the Wagyu flank steak.
floux-liege-maison-leblancfloux-liege-maisonleblanc-ipadIf you want to try something typical from Liège, order the meatballs called “boulets de Liège”.
The prices per dish go from 20€ to more than 100€. I chose the Premium American rib steak, served with French fries and salad. That was so good!! I also took the city dessert speciality called “Café Liégeois” of course! The whole makes a good meal, and it was delicious.
Enjoy the weekend in Liège!