Facial exfoliation is part of my beauty routine to get rid of dead cells, brighten my skin and let it breathe. I’ve been using a grain-free exfoliator from French brand Sampar for many years now and I love it. Its name : Sampar Equalizing Foam Peel.


The main feature of Sampar Equalizing Foam Peel is that it does not have grains. It’s said to have a natural action because its molecules are removing dead cells, requiring no manual action from us, as opposed to an exfoliator that contains grains, whose abrasive particles will purify your skin when you rub it.
I then chose to use grain-free exfoliator a while ago because the grains may be too abrasive for my sensitive skin and may provoke pimples inflammation. Sampar Equalizing Foam Peel then gives my skin a gentle, efficient exfoliation.


  • exfoliates and purifies your skin
  • paraben free
  • respects sensitive skins
  • brightens your complexion. If my complexion gets dull, this means I forgot to use Sampar exfoliator in the week!
  • contains essential oils that purify and soothe
  • can be used a few times a week


  • If you don’t like essential oils, then this product is not for you as they are strong. In this case, get YSL Natural action exfoliator, which is also great and does not have essential oils.
  • You have to leave it for 2 minutes, so you may have to adjust your beauty routine. For example, I use Sampar exfoliator once every two days, at the same time as my shampoo, so that I get busy while my exfoliator ‘works’. Some exfoliators are too abrasive if used a few times a week – but not this one, no worries!


55€, 50ml.

My rating:

5/5, it is a great exfoliator!