Eating great ramen in a street that looks like Tokyo in the sixties… but in the heart of Paris? That’s possible. Let me introduce you to Kodawari Ramen.

A Japanese restaurant in Paris not like anyother else

The key point of Kodawari Ramen restaurant? It makes us feel like we are in Tokyo, not only for the place but for the good food as well!
“Kodawari” means “concerned by detail” in Japanese and we can tell this name fits perfectly this restaurant! Everything is here to make you believe you’re in Japan’s head city – we are in a movie scene!


Good and authentic products

The ramen are a very balanced meal: broth, vegetables, fish, meat, ramen.
The flour used to create the ramens is made in France. It comes from the Ardennes and is made exclusively for these ramens. The Chashu pork comes from a farm in the South of France.
Well, it’s very good and made with quality products.

KURUGOMA RAMEN – 黒ごまにんにくそば – 14 €


SHOYU RAMEN – 地鶏醤油そば – 12 €


An atmosphere that looks like real

An expert in movie decors transformed this space into a Yokocho from the sixties – this is a typical small street from Tokyo where you eat ramen. And it goes up to the sounds as we can hear a Japanese music from this time along with street noises.


It’s a time and space trip for a great evening. Awesome!

info Open every day from 12PM to 2:30PM, 7PM to 10PM. Until 11PM on Fridays and Saturdays.
29 rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris, France.
No bookings.