You are about to leave the city for a sunny weekend with the lowcost airline company Easyjet? Big question – which bag will you travel with? Easyjet used to have strict airline rules but thankfully it’s not the case anymore. All the details in this article to leave worry-free!

Easyjet’s rules in a few words (updated July 2016)

It’s simple: only the bags that measure, wheels and handles included, 56x45x20 cm maximum are guaranteed to go with you in the cabin. These are the regular rules of other standard airlines.
So if your cabin bag dimensions are higher than 56x45x25 cm (maximum dimensions for cabin bags), you will have to put your bag in the baggage hold. This can be done at the boarding door, but it’s more expensive than at the check-in. Don’t forget to take back your important and breakable items and to plan a longer waiting time at the arrival.
If you have the EasyJet Plus card, or if you purchased a Flex ticket or if you paid for a seat with more room for legs, then you can take a second smaller bag with you (handbag or laptop bag) that measures 45 x 36 x 20 cm maximum in order to be placed under the seat.

Special tips to choose your cabin bag

Duffle bags are pretty easy to choose if you check the dimensions.
In regards to the suitcases, there are many types – here are a few hints that might help you:
- “slim” cabin suitcase means its depth is smaller than regular suitcases, which is good for lowcost airlines. Now that Easyjet accepts standard cabin bags you’d rather take a regular cabin bag in order to take more items with you.
- 2 or 4 wheels? The 2-wheel suitcases have usually more volume than the 4-wheel suitcase, as long as it’s not a slim one! A few brands also offer suitcases with removable wheels, which can be a smart choice as it enables you to use your case both on standard and lowcost airlines.
- always check the dimensions of the suitcase on the sticker before buying it: maximum 56x45x20 cm, wheels and handles included, to be sure your bag will be accepted as a cabin bag.

Have you now found the perfect luggage for your weekend getaway? Great! Now you can check the 10 best How to Pack tips in order to pack efficiently and bring all your favorite items – it’s here, bon voyage !