Utrecht is a very nice city in the Netherlands. Bikes, small streets, river that crosses the city… well, you can see all the Dutch clichés! Here are a few pics and my suggestion for a wonderful hotel!

I spent a weekend in Utrecht for a special event at their local Conferences center and I then got to discover this cute city. This is really a city I would like to visit again for a peaceful weekend. Utrecht reminds me of San Antonio in Texas because of the river that crosses the city, surrounded by restaurants and bars! Here are a few pics to give you a glimpse of the city and to make you visit it while you are in Amsterdam for example – it’s only a 1-hour drive from Amsterdam.

Utrecht by night


Even the Conferences center has nice surroundings:

The Woudschoten Hotel by day

The hotel I strongly recommend for a nice, quiet weekend around Utrecht is the Woudschoten Hotel. We even met hinds there :) For less than 100€ by night on booking.com (8,6/10) with a great breakfast included, you are totally immersed in the forest, it’s awesome! The hotel interior is well decorated, rooms are very comfy. Fyi, you understand it is not located in Utrecht city-center obviously – it is located in Zeist, a 20-minute drive from Utrecht. Here the beautiful pics the Woudschoten provided me with:


I really hope I can visit more in the Netherlands next year! Have you ever been to the Netherlands, any advice?