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Discover Lisbon in 4 days


A citybreak in Lisbon, Portugal, was just the great idea of the month! First, to take the sun while it’s raining in PAris, Second, to get some revigorating energy. Lisbon is a city full of color, life and peace at the same time. Here are a few tips to spend 4 wonderful days in Lisbon :)


Escape in wild Camargue


The Camargue is part of my favorite destinations while I was a child. From there, I remember there were white horses on the beach, a wild nature, bulls, huge beaches where we are alone, a bit like the end of the world. This Summer, I went back to Camargue. Horseriding there was a formidable experience to get another look at this area! The Camargue in a few words Recognized as...


Must see – Disney Ice Sculptures in Metz

  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-pocahontas-zoom
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-entree
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-reine-des-neiges
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-reine-des-neiges-zoom
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-cars
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-livre-de-la-jungle
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-alice-as
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-alice-chateau
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-alice-anniversaire
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-cendrillon-marraine
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-blanche-neige
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-cendrillon-pocahontas
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-donald
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-hercule
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-livre-de-la-jungle-mowglie
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-petite-sirene-triton
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-reine-des-neiges-olaf
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-roi-lion

I got to see all my favorites Disney characters in ice! Would you like to? This Winter, Disneyland Paris created a wonderful exhibition entitled “Metz, Ice Fairyland”. Here are more info and pictures.


Hanging out in Utrecht in the Netherlands


Utrecht is a very nice city in the Netherlands. Bikes, small streets, river that crosses the city… well, you can see all the Dutch clichés! Here are a few pics and my suggestion for a wonderful hotel! I spent a weekend in Utrecht for a special event at their local Conferences center and I then got to discover this cute city. This is really a city I would like to...


How to choose your bag for a flight with Easyjet?


You are about to leave the city for a sunny weekend with lowcost airline company Easyjet? Big question – are you going to travel with a 50x40x20 cm bag or a 56x45x25 cm bag? The first bag is guaranteed to go with you in the cabin, while the second is not. All the details in this article to leave worry-free!


Let’s blossom in D.C.!


Above its political atmosphere, Washington D.C. is also a very nice city. I suggest you go and visit the city for the Cherry Blossom Festival! That time of the year is beautiful as the cherry trees blossom and their pink and white lightweight flowers are all over the city. I wonder if the Homeland series makes me will to go back there. Anyway, this flowery D.C. has to be visited!...


Sunny weekend in Lyon, France


Lyon is this very warm, colorful French city located near the South of France. I takes only 2.5 hours by train from Paris to reach the city and spend a relaxing weekend, let’s go!


New York – my favorite food & drinks spots


New York is this kind of city where we always have something to discover. It is a lively, mysterious city, full of secrets. It’s said to be the city that never sleeps. Well, that’s true! I used to live there for two years, two years that were full of discoveries, surprises and life. Here are my restaurants, pastries and bars suggestions for a great stay !


6 must-sees in Boston, MA


I was told “You’ll see, Boston is the most European city in the US”… When I got there I said ‘No!’, and after several trips all over the US I just said ‘Hell yes!’. This is really a cute city, small and big at te same time. While I lived in New York, I used to spend weekends off in Boston to relax. So here are Boston’s 6 must-sees I suggest for a laid back trip in a city full of history!


How to pack your suitcase? The 5 essential tips


Packing is not always easy – too much stuff in your suitcase and you cannot close it! Here are 5 essential tips you need to apply to pack your suitcase efficiently and even have some space for the souvenirs on the way back.