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Do it yourself ideas – decoration for house, tables, special events like birthdays

Flowers are in a white mood


White flowers are just so perfect to add a pure, chic style to the home in any season!
Here is a flower arrangement of gladiolus and roses in white. I love these flowers for their shapes, their colors and their meaning.


Fall gardening – plant aromatic herbs


My balcony has become a fall/winter balcony for a few months – bye bye tomatoes, daisies, and other little flowers, and welcome heather, rosemary and lavender! Let’s start with aromatic herbs for a beautiful balcony and great dishes!


Get your pumpkin ready for Halloween


When we talk about Halloween, we think of pumpkins, witches and all kinds of outfits. It may not be of our age anymore but we can use Halloween as an excuse to do some Fall DIY, let’s go and carve our pumpkin!


Orange lilies for a sunny home


Making the sun come back into a white room is easy as all colors match this atmosphere! I chose a nice bouquet of orange, yellow and green flowers. On top of that, it’s sunny this week in Paris! This bouquet is fresh and I just love the perfume of roses and lilies. Special tip: usually, when the lilies open, I cut the stamens in order to avoid any stains on...