Discover Lisbon in 4 days


A citybreak in Lisbon, Portugal, was just the great idea of the month! First, to take the sun while it’s raining in PAris, Second, to get some revigorating energy. Lisbon is a city full of color, life and peace at the same time. Here are a few tips to spend 4 wonderful days in Lisbon :)


Escape in wild Camargue


The Camargue is part of my favorite destinations while I was a child. From there, I remember there were white horses on the beach, a wild nature, bulls, huge beaches where we are alone, a bit like the end of the world. This Summer, I went back to Camargue. Horseriding there was a formidable experience to get another look at this area! The Camargue in a few words Recognized as...


Must see – Disney Ice Sculptures in Metz

  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-pocahontas-zoom
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-entree
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-reine-des-neiges
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-reine-des-neiges-zoom
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-cars
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-livre-de-la-jungle
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-alice-as
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-alice-chateau
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-alice-anniversaire
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-cendrillon-marraine
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-blanche-neige
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-cendrillon-pocahontas
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-donald
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-hercule
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-livre-de-la-jungle-mowglie
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-petite-sirene-triton
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-reine-des-neiges-olaf
  • floux-disney-feerie-de-glace-metz-roi-lion

I got to see all my favorites Disney characters in ice! Would you like to? This Winter, Disneyland Paris created a wonderful exhibition entitled “Metz, Ice Fairyland”. Here are more info and pictures.


Salted version of French cannelé for appetizers


French cannelés makes us first think of pastry. Let’s break the codes and make cannelés with ham as appetizers. It is so good and so easy to eat! Have your guess and their taste buds astonished! The ingredients For about 100 cannelés: 1/2 liter of milk 80 grams of butter 2 egg yolks 200 grams of flour salt 350 grams of ham cut in thin, short slices The steps Make...


Flowers are in a white mood


White flowers are just so perfect to add a pure, chic style to the home in any season!
Here is a flower arrangement of gladiolus and roses in white. I love these flowers for their shapes, their colors and their meaning.


A Tiramisu for my 30 years old!


Today, I give to you a recipe that means a lot for me since I am a little girl because today is a very special day – I am 30! I then decided to talk about my favorite dessert in the world that I’ve been making since I am 10 : the tiramisu! A tiramisu is very easy to make and so good – here are all the details and the recipe!


Back to work party with easy, yummy appetizers


It’s the time of the year when we have to leave the beach and go back to work. Let’s organize a party to talk about our vacations! Below I give you easy, nice appetizers receipes – you only got to invite your friends now!


Hanging out in Utrecht in the Netherlands


Utrecht is a very nice city in the Netherlands. Bikes, small streets, river that crosses the city… well, you can see all the Dutch clichés! Here are a few pics and my suggestion for a wonderful hotel! I spent a weekend in Utrecht for a special event at their local Conferences center and I then got to discover this cute city. This is really a city I would like to...


Viet recipe – Bo Bun / Ga Bun


The Bo Bun is a Vietnamese dish based on beef – Bo means beef in Vietnamese, Bun means vermicelli. It’s pretty easy to cook, once you get the hang of it obviously! The Ga Bun is a similar dish where beef is replaced by chicken – Ga means chicken in Vietnamese. Let’s have a look now at the recipe of this healthy and very good dish!


How to choose your bag for a flight with Easyjet?


You are about to leave the city for a sunny weekend with lowcost airline company Easyjet? Big question – are you going to travel with a 50x40x20 cm bag or a 56x45x25 cm bag? The first bag is guaranteed to go with you in the cabin, while the second is not. All the details in this article to leave worry-free!


Sampar Equalizing Peel Review


Facial exfoliation is part of my beauty routine to get rid of dead cells, brighten my skin and let it breathe. I’ve been using a grain-free exfoliator from French brand Sampar for many years now and I love it. Its name : Sampar Equalizing Foam Peel.


New kind of smoked salmon toasts


These are gourmet fresh appetizers for a nice evening with your love! I mixed smoked salmon with apple and sauerkraut, which comes from my home region in France. Sauerkraut is obviously an option but I’d recommend adding it for and extra gourmet touch in your cuisine. Try these great appetizers now!


Recipe and grocery list for a French Crepes party!


French Crepes celebration is coming soon! This year, try something else than pancakes…If you want to please all your family this February 2nd, youngest from oldest, prepare your crepes party from now! Here is the recipe and your grocery list!